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Detailed information about each release of uipress 3. If you want to report a new feature you can do that here - for bug reporting please contact us on our on site chat.

Release 3.0.91 | uiPress Pro

April 13, 2023

A small patch update that fixes a potential critical error with the folder extensions and adds a layout fix for when using folders with woocommerce orders

Release 3.0.9 | uiPress Pro

April 4, 2023

Two major new features are now available in this release. A new an improved folders extension allows you to organise all your posts, pages, custom post types and media. There are several new powerful features of the folders that allow a lot more flexibility than the version 2 iteration.

The second new extension is the user management page, a powerful way to manage users, roles and user activity on your site. The new history log has been optimised for performance, all entries are saved in a separate table and there is a new option to save the history items in a separate database.

Release 3.1.11 | uiPress lite

April 4, 2023

A new option has been added to the site settings in this release to allow all front end pages open outside the frame as well as several bug fixes and some major improvements to the toolbar block.

Release 3.0.8 | uiPress pro

March 22, 2023

One bug fix and one new (albeit large) feature! The admin menu builder is back and better than ever. We have rebuilt the menu creator from v2 from the ground up, it now works great as a standalone with default WordPress menus as well as when using uiTemplates. We have also added the ability to change the menu item capability which in turn gives you the power to restrict the content of that page as well.

Release 3.1.1 | uiPress lite

March 22, 2023

A small update mostly containing bug fixes but brings one new feature to the off canvas blocks. You can now set them to close automatically on page change, great for when the panel is in push mode or for mobile layouts.

Release 3.1.0 | UiPress lite

March 13, 2023

Primarily a bug fixing release with some quality of life improvements as well as new settings to change background image options and performance improvements.

Release 3.0.7 | UiPress Pro

February 17, 2023

This update has focused on woocommerce – New analytics blocks are available for woocommerce as well as a brand new kanban style block for managing orders! We also added a feature to allow you to only show users own posts / media in the admin area.

Release 3.0.98 | UiPress lite

February 17, 2023

Added a brand new setup wizard to help people get up and running with the uibuilder quicker than ever as well as much requested feature that allows you to disable page auto-load on top level admin menu item.

Release 3.0.97 | UiPress Lite

February 2, 2023

This update brings the long awaited frontend toolbar editing capabilities as well as an option to allow the admin menu to be collapsed as well as a new option for disabling dynamic loading.

Release 3.0.6 | UiPress Pro

February 2, 2023

This update introduces new conditional options for blocks allowing you hide blocks from users within one template. It also adds a new analytics map block which shows visitor data on an interactive map.

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