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Detailed information about each release of uipress 3. If you want to report a new feature you can do that here - for bug reporting please contact us on our on site chat.

Release 3.0.3 | UiPress Pro

December 2, 2022

This update adds some great new features to the new tools and site settings sections of UiPress. The user role editor is now available from UiPress 2 with several improvements. The role editor now lives in the uiBuilder tools section and allows you to manage, delete and clone roles along with create and delete capabilities.


New site settings like enqueue styles, scripts, hide uipress from the plugin table and other options are also available in the new site settings area along.


New to the content block is two powerful new features, hide plugin notices and the ability to set a login redirect url / homepage. There is also a new option for the button block which allows you to run custom code on button click.

Release 3.0.92 | UiPress Lite

December 2, 2022

A pretty large update with a lot of new base features which lay the groundwork for future features in UiPress. There is now a very useful PHP error log viewer built into to the plugin. Not only does this allow you to view your PHP errors in an accessible way from the WordPress admin it make it easier to understand and track down specific errors.


There is also a new site settings area. Unlike settings in the templates, these settings are site wide and do not depend on templates. Currently these new settings include new options like post table ids, post table last modified, plugin status in the table, remove jquery migrate and others. There will be more to come in future updates.


If that wasn’t enough for you there is now a complete dark mode compatibility for the Gutenberg editor along with better compatibility and automatic fullscreen mode for all the major page builders like oxygen, elementor, bricks and breakdance.

Release 3.0.91 | UiPress Lite

November 26, 2022

A small update with some key bug fixes and a new catch for setting active templates with no content frame or admin menu which helps prevent accidental white out on the admin. Slightly redesigned template list is included with this update as well which allows you to filter the template list by, active, draft, ui templates and admin pages.

Release 3.0.2 | UiPress Pro

November 24, 2022

A small update to patch a problem with the iframe block and includes a new user meta block

Release 3.0.8 | UiPress lite

November 24, 2022

Lots of important bug fixes in this release around icons, formatting and general WordPress usage. The icon selector has been redesigned and improved and off canvas blocks now have a new ‘push’ mode

Release 3.0.1 | UiPress Pro

November 22, 2022

Small update with essential fixes. Fixed the bug where pro required the lite version to deactivate and updated file loading to help negate caching issues on update. Also added 3 great new options to the menu editor, you can now set open in new tab, open without frame and open without UiPress for each individual menu link.

Release 3.0.7 | UiPress Lite

November 22, 2022

Small update with some essential fixes for admin pages and patterns. Also includes a fix for mailpoet and improvements to mobile styles

Release 3.0.6

November 21, 2022

A lot of enhancements to the builder experience in this update which will make creating and working with templates even easier and smoother. We have also split the full screen button and breadcrumbs out from the content frame block, you now have separate blocks for both of these.


The content frame still retains the ability to go full screen without any extra buttons, you just hover in the top right corner and a full screen arrow will appear, clicking this starts full screen mode.


We have also added a new block called ‘open without frame’ – it will open whatever is in the current frame outside the frame and optionally in a new tab or without UiPress completely. We have also made improvements to mobile loading (template updates incoming) and fixed various bugs.

Release 3.0.5

November 19, 2022

A small update addressing several bugs and several improvements for using the builder with smaller screens.

Release 3.0.0 | UiPress Pro

November 18, 2022

UiPress pro is here and bursting with new blocks and features. This versions adds analytics blocks, new form inputs, advanced menu editing and white label features into the uibuilder along with extra theme styles for customising things like border width and font. Over the coming weeks we will be adding more blocks and porting in features from UiPress 2. You can see what we are working on here: https://uipress.notion.site/17c4dc5d0cde458da574f5bd67f7d9d9?v=e45d5fd777564285b142ea94616a57f4

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