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With admin 2020 you get a powerful new dashboard, Built to work seamlessly with google analytics and woocommerce.

Google Analytics

See all your google analytics data without leaving your WordPress dashboard. Admin 2020 displays your data in an easy to understand and eye catching way.

Custom Videos

Want to add tutorial videos for your clients to your dashboard, no problem! Easily add custom videos to your overview page and categorise them however you like.

All features

A modern dashboard

Admin 2020 introduces the overview page. This is a modern WordPress dashboard page that can sync with Google Analytics to show your analytical reports and is filterable by date. You can also see other site data such as recent comments, popular pages and a general overview of your posts and pages.

Brand new ways to search

This plugin adds a new site-wide search that is easily accessible from the admin bar. You get instant results without page reload, powerful filters and more. You can also search the main menu for those of us with more menu items than we can handle!

Blazing Quick Media Library

Admin 2020 comes with a brand new media library that is up to 50% quicker than the Classic WordPress Library.

Media Folders

As well as a brand new media gallery, Admin 2020 also brings folders to the WordPress media gallery so you can better organise your media and speed up your workflow!

Full Featured Image Editor

Powerful image editing component built right into the Admin 2020 media gallery. The full featured editor includes powerful image manipulation, filters, free draw, icons / shapes, text and various mask filters.

Dark Mode / Night mode

It’s 2020 and we thought it was about time WordPress had a night mode, so we built one! Dark mode can be activated at a click of a button and is pretty easy on the eyes!

White Label

Admin 2020 is fully White Label, and fully customisable. Upload your own logo and make the dashboard your own, or your clients.

Custom CSS / JS

Admin 2020 allows you to add your own CSS and Javascript to the admin area without the need for other plugins so you can further customise your admin area.

Menu Control

Need to hide, rearrange and rename certain dashboard items from your users? Admin 2020 can easily toggle the visibility of menu items by user role. You can also easily change the name of menu items in your WordPress Admin area, you can do this by role too for extra control.

Google Analytics

Admin 2020 comes with Google Analytics integration and can display the following beautiful reports on the overview page: Users, Page Views, Sessions and device breakdown. New reports will be added over the coming months.

Distraction free interface

Admin 2020s interface is streamlined and distraction free, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

Single site licence

Get Admin 2020 Today

Get the best admin theme available for WordPress, speed up your workflow and impress your clients.

Turn out the lights

A dashboard that adapts to your surroundings. Activate dark mode at the click of a button.

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