New version, new name, new features – UiPress v2.1.0

July 7, 2021
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Yes, we have changed the plugins name! You can ready about the change here and will stick to what is new and different with the latest release here.

UiPress Settings Page

The old settings page was getting clunky and hard to navigate as well as slow. So this version addresses that will a completely rebuilt and rethought out settings page. It’s quick, efficient and easily navigated with it’s intuitive search feature. We also added a couple new options.

As you will see from the above, we now have a custom font feature within the options! This is powered by Google Fonts so the possibilities are endless!

There is now the option to reset UiPress settings / revert to default. All the multi select options have been rebuilt and there is a new streamlined code editor for custom css and Javascript.

Google analytics Sign In

This was a long requested feature. You no longer need to access UiPress settings to sign into analytics. YOu can do it straight from the overview page. This is perfect if you are using UiPress as part of your Wass / sass and don’t want users accessing the main settings.

We made a few other small changes and fixed some bugs too, you can see those here at our changelog

What’s next?

The next release should include two big features, a brand new menu editing experience that we are calling menu creator as well the custom admin pages feature and some improvements to the overview page.

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